We offer a number of quality services at Carbon Repair UK, including consultancy, repairs and bespoke project work.

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Ross Ewens


At Carbon Repair UK we offer consultancy services for any project For instance, if you require composite engineering

Have you experienced production issues? analysis, production and design specialisation, we are here to help. Especially as we have over 23 years’ experience! Our skills and knowledge will provide you with the support you need to make your project work.

Issues with materials?

Poor finish, or the quality just not at the required professional standard?

Do you need expert advice and training?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, can you afford to keep making mistakes? Get in touch using the form below and let us know how we can turn your project around and deliver a successful result.


If you’re looking for quality repairs, then look no further than Carbon Repairs UK! Above all, we produce top quality carbon fibre parts for a number of industries and specialisations, including:

  • Motor Sports/Classic Sports Cars/Classic Race Cars
  • Cycling
  • Road cars
  • & specialist industries

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With 23 years’ experience, covering a range of processes, for instance: pre-preg laminating, composite fitting and trimming. Including: resin transfer moulding, wet lay up. As well as epoxy vinyl ester and polyester resin. If you need any part replacing, just get in touch!

“I have devoted my life to carbon fibre, being part of the most successful formula 1 driving team in history” – Ross Ewens, Head Laminator/Designer & Founder We can design and manufacture initial parts and the pattern then produce the mould and finally the finished part. This includes anything from a gurney device, headrest and bespoke fitted seat As well as the bodywork, front wings, rear wings & rear wing end plates.


Pre-preg laminating, trimming & fitting. Safety-critical car components and specialist chassis For instance: crash structures, gearboxes, front and rear wishbones. As well as complete rear wing and floors, pullrods/pushrods, nose, fwmp.

Send an email: carbonrepairuk@outlook.com to find out more.


We offer bespoke repairs, including intricate mould making for classic cars or specialist specifications.

If you have a specialist project, then please get in touch with us for a quote.