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Information about Carbon – what is it, how is it made?

Carbon fibre is a strong material, five times as strong as steel! It is made from crystalline filaments that are carbon-based. These are used to make the material strong. The material is also very light-weight, which means that it is ideal for a variety of purposes.

In addition, it is a durable and highly creative material, perfect for the construction of replacement parts. Including vintage and older mechanical components that are no longer manufactured today.

Carbon fibre additionally has a high tensile strength and is resistant to chemicals and heat tolerance.  It is highly sought after for a number of industries, such as the military, formula one and the aviation, medical industries.

Carbon fibre is created through a chemical process using long strands of carbon fibre. These are heated at high temperature. During the process, the atoms of the carbon vibrate and long tight inter-twined chains are produced.